About Us
Management Team

The members of the management team of Palliser Plains Co-op are:

  • Mike Sigouin, General Manager
  • Kelly Turtle, Office Manager
  • Adam Sheppard Agro Division Manager
  • Fran Wall, Grocery Manager (Craik)
  • Bernie Sperling, Service Station Supervisor (Craik)
  • Ron Mittelholtz, Home/Agro Centre Manager (Craik)
  • Jennifer Ostrander, Home Centre Manager (Tugaske)
  • Joe Nast, Crop Protection Manager (Tugaske)
  • Dawn Berry, Home Centre Manager (Central Butte)
  • Steven Milne, Crop Protection Manager (Central Butte)
  • Kerri Fortin, Home Centre Manager (Shamrock)
  • Candi Bartley, Agro Sales Representative (Shamrock)
  • Carrie Allen, Agro Sales Representative (Central Butte)
  • Kashif Ejaz, Agronomist (Tugaske)
  • Cody Hull, Agro Sales Representative (Craik)

To contact a member of the management team, please e-mail generalinquiries@palliserplainscoop.ca or call 306.759.2222